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Research & Development Without Borders

We Inspire Innovation

& We Promote Global Responsible Engineering

What we do

We Promote water sanitation & health nutrition & food security poverty alleviation youth empowerment  social and economic development 

Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

Access to safe water, toilets and good hygiene keep children healthy and thriving. 

Food Security

The scarcity of HIGH-QUALITY vegetable oils and paucity of protein feedstuff is a real problems in our communities. Sunflower gives one of the best quality oils and can be processed using rudimentary technologies

Research data

We assist organisations, Universities and research institutes fill in the gaps in knowledge and changing the way Engineers design and aid politicians in making better decisions

Climate Change

“We can all start by changing to renewable energy- Adapting to Climate Change will mean improving livelihoods”


We are

Reasearch and Development Without Borders is a non-governmental not for profit organization working in Cameroon with Reg. No: 0181/ARDA/JO6/A2/ALPAS/APPB. Since its inception in 2020, the organisation has been working with universities, Government bodies and Inter-governmental in the promotion of research in water sanitation, food security and climate change. our work remains on the most vulnerable in our community where we continue to maintain the personal community involvement that has become the trademark at RDWB.

Our Team

Our Team has been working with Universities, government bodies, youth organisations and intergovernmental bodies



RDWB collaborating with the University of Glasgow, National University of Malaysia and MESH Power Rwanda to pilot the use of novel technology of