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Research and Development Without Borders (RDWB) and the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) organized a training program on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage which took place at Bekoko in the Littoral Region of Cameroon from the10th of April to the 21st of April 2023.  The training was held twice over two weeks. During the first week of the event, the RDWB team and some representatives from other organizations interested in water safety were educated about the subject by two expert trainers from the CAWST headquarters in Canada: Taya and Olivier. In the second week, more participants came from other organizations from all over Cameroon and the RDWB team became trainers themselves we facilitated the event under the supervision of expert facilitators from CAWST.

The training program aimed to educate participants on how to treat and store water safely in their households. It focused on educating participants about the importance of safe water treatment and storage. The participants learned about different methods of water treatment such as boiling, chlorination, filtration, and solar disinfection. Participants also learned about the Water supply system, the Multi-Barrier Approach, Pathogens, Water-related diseases, Selecting HWTS options and Behavior change.

In the second week of the training program, the RDWB team became trainers themselves. They facilitated sessions on safe water treatment and storage under the supervision of the expert facilitators from CAWST. The participants were divided into groups at some points of the training process and each group was assigned a specific topic related to safe water treatment and storage. The groups then presented their findings to the rest of the participants.

Overall, the training program was a great success. The participants gained valuable knowledge about safe water treatment and storage, which they can now use to educate others in their communities.

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