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Reduced rate of waterborne diseases

Project Summary

Water quality is a serious problem in the central region of Cameroon, especially in Simbock Yaoundé, where more than 80% of the population depends on boreholes for drinkable water. This project is aimed at establishing a water testing laboratory which is equipped with the necessary apparatus to test the quality of water consumed in communities.


  • More than 85% of the communities in Simbock depend completely on boreholes for their drinking water. These water systems are installed and not maintained over time and can therefore get contaminated without the knowledge of those who consume them.
  • The distance between water systems and homes is not respected due to the clustered structure of settlements in Simbock. Inevitably, these water systems get easily and rapidly polluted, as the proper hygiene measures are not respected.
  • Recent surges in the rate at which water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery are affecting the community emphasise the need for a well-equipped water testing laboratory.

Target Area & Beneficiaries

The target area of the project is Simbock, Yaounde, where the organisation is located and the beneficiaries will be the schools and hospitals, as well as civilians in the local communities of Simcock.


  • To be able to set up a standard micro water quality testing laboratory.


  • To test the quality of water people consume.
  • To treat polluted water in the community.


  • Awareness of water hygiene is instilled in communities.
  • Reduced rate of waterborne diseases in communities.
  • Establishing a sustainable system in which water can be tested regularly.

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