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Iain Barber’s Success story working with RDWB.

Iain Barber is a MSc student of Sustainable Development at the University of St. Andrews. While with us, he did research on Understanding Gendered Climate Vulnerability Through An Intersectionality Lens: The Case Of Rural Farmers In The Baham Region, Cameroon. After working with us, he had this to say; « I had the pleasure of collaboratively working with RDWB on my MSc thesis that was exploring the gendered vulnerabilities of rural farmers of the Baham region, and how this affected their capabilities to adapt to climate change. The project collected qualitative data in the form of interviews to understand the ‘why’ factor of climate change vulnerabilities, where the RDWB team solely facilitated and collected the data for the project. Additionally, the RDWB team were involved in transcribing, translating, and collaboratively playing a part in the data analysis. Throughout the whole thesis project, it was a complete collaboration between myself and RDWB, who were constantly showcasing their vast experience and knowledge of the subject and suggesting ideas that made the project excel. I had the pleasure of being in continuous discussions with both Christian and Semi, who both showed sheer determination and resilience to make this project successful, aligning with RDWB’s commitment to combating climate change. I could not recommend the team at RDWB enough for any project’s climate change related and our trusted relationship will continue for future collaborations. – Iain Barber, MSc Sustainable Development, University of St. Andrews »

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